We will have 2 shows of Wizard of Oz being performed:

Show 1 (12 – 2:30 pm)  & Show 2 (5-8 pm)

Show 1 (only): Foundation 1-3 Ballet and Foundation Hip Hop. Show 2 (only): Level 1 & 2 Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Junior Hip Hop and Junior Musical Theatre. Show 1&2 (both): All other students will perform in both shows.


Please familiarise yourself with your child’s class name and class time so that you know which show your child will be performing in and arrange tickets for the corresponding show. If your child is only performing in one Act, you may purchase a performer ticket for your child to watch the show in the auditorium when they are not performing.


These times will replace usual classes over the dress rehearsal weekend and concert weekend. Please note that no normal classes will run at the studio.

Everyone must arrive 30 minutes before their allocated time so they can get ready and be dressed in their costume and ready to perform at their allocated time on stage. 

Studio Rehearsal

On Saturday morning, we will have all of our youngest dancers from Foundation 1-3 rehearse, practice getting in and out of costumes and take photos.

We will then run the concert scene by scene from 10-6 pm.

Studio Rehearsal & Photoshoot

On Sunday, we will have a photoshoot for all the leads and remaining students and then run the concert in real time.

Concert Rehearsal

On Friday, we will invite students from Level 1+ to attend a rehearsal at the theatre. We will undertake induction and get to know their dressing rooms and practice going on and off stage. We will also do a full run through Act 1 and Act 2.

Saturday Classes as Usual

Students who have classes on Saturday will attend classes as usual, including PEP.

Concert Day

Foundation students will arrive to rehearse their performances and meet the rest of the school as we get ready to perform.

Hair and Makeup

Please ensure your child arrives at all rehearsals and on concert day in the Kew School of Dance uniform with lots of hairspray and bobby pins and their hair done in neat bun.

All students should also have makeup applied for photo day and concert day. Long lasting lip stick should be labelled and placed in bag for application prior to performance.




We will be recording the showcase and taking professional photos of the performers in the studio and also performing live at the concert. To access the photos and photos, please select below.

PEP Photoshoot

Click here to purchase photos of the students in their rehearsals, including profile photos and group photos.

Class Photos

View and purchase individual and group photos for each class. These are professional photos taken in our school uniform/custom in our studio.

Concert Photos

Click below to view and purchase action shots of the performers dancing on stage as they perform live. Includes behind-the-scenes footage and group shots and formations

Concert Video

Click here to purchase a video recording of the entire performance. The video can be purchased as a download or in hard copy via a USB in a keepsake case for collection.

15% OFF until concert day