Jazz Dance Classes for Kids

Encouraging Young Dancers to Shine

Discover Your Child’s Potential with Our Jazz Dance Classes for Kids

Building Confidence Through Jazz Dance

Join our jazz dance classes for kids to express themselves and build confidence. We guide young learners from their first step to their stage performances.

Our jazz dance classes for kids are designed to inspire a love for dance, improve physical skills, and support growth. Suitable for all skill levels, we invite your child to start their dance journey with us. Let’s develop their potential together!

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Features of Our Jazz Dance Classes

Explore what sets our jazz dance classes for kids apart and why they are the ideal choice for your child’s dance training:

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Focused Class Sizes

We ensure every child gets the attention they need. Our jazz classes keep numbers low to maintain quality and provide individual guidance.


Expert Jazz Teachers

Our jazz dance classes for kids are conducted by professionals who are passionate about dance and dedicated to developing your child's abilities and love for it.

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Supportive Environment

Our jazz dance school is built on principles of respect and inclusivity, where all students are encouraged to express themselves in a supportive atmosphere.

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Engaging Curriculum for Children

Our jazz dance program is thoughtfully crafted for learners of all ages. It combines rigorous techniques with engaging elements to cultivate a lasting passion for dance.

Why Choose Us?

Advantages of Our Jazz Dance Classes

Our jazz dance classes for kids, led by seasoned instructors, are rooted in deep dance techniques and teaching insights. They guide each child through their dance journey, enhancing both skills and passion for dance.

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Expert Instruction

Led by seasoned instructors, our jazz dance classes develop each student’s dance skills and deepen their appreciation for dance.

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Personalised Approach

We adapt our teaching to match each student’s unique needs, providing focused attention and individual guidance.

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Holistic Development

Our classes go beyond teaching dance skills by developing physical, emotional, and social growth, all within a supportive environment.

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Learning Environment

We create a welcoming atmosphere that builds confidence and ensures every student feels valued and supported.

Our Jazz Dance

We prioritise clarity and transparency to help you choose the ideal jazz dance classes for your kids. Here are the details:


Class Schedule

Jazz dance classes run multiple times weekly, with options for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels and adult classes. No experience is needed.


Class Duration

Each jazz class lasts 30-60 minutes, perfect for kids to build confidence, practice techniques, and learn routines in a structured session.


Pricing Information

Jazz dance classes start at $205 per term, with discounts available for students enrolling in multiple classes each term.


How to Enrol

Click the 'Enrol Now' button and fill in your details. Our team will contact you soon to confirm your child's enrollment.

Enroll your kids in our classes to start their jazz dance journey today. This is your opportunity to let them explore and enjoy the many benefits of dance, enriching their lives with art, discipline, and joy.




We understand that you may have several questions about our jazz dance classes for kids. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

We accept children from the age of 5 and upwards in our jazz dance classes. Our classes are structured to suit different age groups, ensuring an appropriate learning environment for each child.

No previous dance experience is required. Our curriculum caters to all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced dancers, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Children should wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that allows for easy movement, jazz shoes, and our school uniform. Proper attire helps ensure safety and allows instructors to provide accurate feedback on technique.

If your child misses a class, they can attend a make-up session. Please contact us in advance, and we will arrange for your child to join another suitable class to catch up on missed lessons.

We keep our class sizes small, with a maximum of 12 students. This ensures each child receives the individual attention they deserve, allowing for a more personalized and effective learning experience.

We have designated observation days on which parents are invited to watch their child’s progress in jazz dance. These days allow parents to see their children’s learning and celebrate their progress.

Jazz dance encourages creativity, boosts self-confidence, improves physical fitness, and enhances social skills. It’s an exciting way for kids to stay active, express themselves, and develop a lifelong love for dance.

Join Our Jazz Dance Classes for Kids Today

Encourage your child's growth with our jazz dance classes for kids. Develop their love for dance, enhance physical abilities, and support developmental progress in a nurturing environment. Begin their dance journey today.