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Experience the Rhythm of Fun with our Tap Dance Classes for Kids!

Engage, Learn, and Grow with Every Step


Discover Rhythm with Tap DancE CLASSES

Step into our vibrant world of tap dancing! Our classes invite children to tap into their creativity, connect with rhythm, and express themselves through this lively dance form. We nurture young dancers in an enriching environment, guiding them from their first shuffle to their final stomp.

Our tap dance classes are designed to inspire a love for dance, bolster physical coordination, and foster rhythmic skills. Whether your child is a first-time dancer or an aspiring tap maestro, our classes are tailored to meet their unique needs. Open to all skill levels. Our tap dance classes offer an avenue for your child to embark on a fun-filled journey into the world of rhythm and dance.

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Key Features of Our Tap DancE Classes

Discover what makes our tap dance classes special and the perfect choice for your child’s dance journey:

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Performance Opportunities

We provide numerous opportunities for our students to showcase their skills and develop and improve new one, building their confidence and inspiring them to reach greater heights in tap dancing.

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Professional Dance Instructors

Our tap dance classes are led by experienced professionals passionate about teaching. They are committed to nurturing your child's love for tap dancing while developing their skills.


Inclusive Environment

We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere in our tap dance classes. Here, every child is encouraged to express themselves freely and respectfully.

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Focus on Rhythm and Coordination

Tap dancing is excellent for developing rhythmic skills and physical coordination. Our classes focus on these aspects, offering your child a holistic learning experience.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Our Tap DancE Classes

When it comes to your child’s dance education, you want nothing but the best. Here’s why our tap dance classes are the perfect choice:

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Experienced Instructors

Our tap dance classes are led by seasoned professionals specializing in children's dance education. They are passionate about nurturing each child's love for tap and helping them develop their skills.

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Personalized Learning

Recognizing a child's unique styles, capabilities, and pace, our tap dance classes are tailored to each learner's style and ability. This customized approach ensures they receive the attention they need.

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Holistic Development

Our classes provide a holistic learning experience. Tap dancing helps children develop rhythm, physical coordination, and self-confidence - skills that extend beyond the dance studio.

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Learning Environment

We foster a positive atmosphere where every child feels welcomed and valued. Our tap dancing designed to inspire creativity, encourage self-expression, and build camaraderie among students.

Our Tap DancE

We’re all about transparency and ensuring you have all the information you need to understand how our services can make the best choice for your child. Here are the details about managing our tap dance classes:



We offer tap dance classes for beginners from when they start school. Tap classes are run once a week and offered on several days during the week.



Tap dance classes can run from 30-60 minutes. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced tap classes. We also run adult classes and no experience is required.



We strive to consistently enhance quality and make our dynamic tap dance classes affordable for everyone. Student may choose combo classes to add tap to another dance style. Tap classes start from $205 per term depending on duration and level.


How to Enrol

Click the 'Enrol Now' button, complete the necessary details diligently for tap dancing. Our dedicated, expert team will contact you to confirm the enrollment.

Start your child’s rhythmic journey in tap dancing today. Enrol now and let them discover the joy of moving to the same rhythm tap and beat!




We understand that you may have several questions about our tap dancing. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Children can start learning tap dancing as young as 6 years old. Our tap dancing classes are designed to cater to different age groups.

Your child should wear comfortable clothing that allows easy movement, along with tap shoes and school uniform. We can guide you on where to purchase tap shoes if needed.

Not at all! Our tap dance classes welcome absolute beginners. We focus on basic steps, teaching the basic tap steps and gradually advancing to complex rhythms.

We believe in personalized attention. Hence, we keep our tap dancing and ballet classes small, typically with a maximum of 12 students per class.

Safety is our utmost priority. Our instructors ensure that children learn and perform steps safely. Any minor injuries are promptly attended to.

If a child misses a tap dance class, we offer make-up classes. However, we encourage regular attendance for consistent progress.

Yes, we have ‘Open Days’ where parents are invited to watch their child’s progress in an activity like the videos or tap dance classes.

Ready for a Tap Dance Adventure?

Step into rhythm and melody with our tap dance classes! Let your child tap into a fascinating world where dance meets music and fun. Don't wait. Start this foot-tapping journey with us now!