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Musical Theatre Class

Musical Theatre Class For Kids - Igniting Stage Passion

Unleash Your Child’s Potential with our Dynamic Musical Theatre Class!


Empowering Children Through Theatre

Step into our theatre realm, where kids explore stories, discover characters, and build confidence. Our school nurtures young learners in a unique setting, guiding and training them from their first script to their show-stopping performance.

Our musical theatre class is tailored to inspire a love for performance, bolster expressive skills, and foster cognitive growth. Open to all skill levels. Our classes invite your child on a transformative journey into theatre. Join us, and let’s unlock your child’s potential together!

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Key Features Of Our Musical Theatre Class

Discover what makes our musical theatre classes shine and why they’re the ideal choice for your child’s performing arts education:

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Small Class Sizes

We believe every child deserves individual attention. Our musical theatre classes maintain a small student-to-teacher ratio to ensure quality teaching and personalized coaching.

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Professional Theatre Instructors

Our classes are led by seasoned professionals passionate about teaching. They are theatre veterans who're committed to nurturing your child's love for performance while sharpening their abilities.

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Safe and Inclusive Environment

Our school promotes an atmosphere of respect and inclusivity. We encourage our musical theatre students to express themselves creatively and respectfully.

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Child-Centered Curriculum

Our musical theatre curriculum is meticulously crafted for kids. It's rigorous enough to develop acting and singing skills, yet enjoyable enough to inspire a lifelong love for theatre.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Our Musical Theatre Classes

Our classes, directed by seasoned instructors, combine singing, acting, and dancing. They guide each child on their theatrical journey, helping craft their unique stage persona.

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Expert Instruction

Our theatre classes, helmed by seasoned trainers, understand teaching intricacies. They guide each child on their theatrical path, nurturing both talent and passion.


Personalized Approach

We acknowledge each student's distinct capabilities. Our tailored theatre classes and mentors adjust to their pace, ensuring they receive the needed guidance and support.

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Holistic Development

Our theatre classes provide more than just performance skills. They offer a comprehensive learning experience fostering physical, emotional, and social growth.

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Learning Environment

Our school and studio present a nurturing environment where every child feels accepted and cherished. Our musical theatre class aims to boost self-assurance.

Our Musical Theatre Details

Details Of Musical Theatre Classes

We believe that clarity and transparency are crucial when selecting the perfect musical theatre class for your child. Here’s what you need to know:



We offer a broad spectrum of junior theatre classes throughout the week. As students advance, they may join multiple classes weekly. We also offer advanced theatre training and adult classes.



Class duration for junior theatre classes is based on age and experience. Intro classes start from 30 minutes. As students grow, classes extend to 45mins, then to 60 minutes or more.



We aim to make our theatre classes accessible for all. Fees are charged every school term, starting from $185 per term for musical theatre classes.


How to Enrol

Click the 'Enrol Now' button, provide the necessary details for the theatre class. Our dedicated team will get in touch to finalize the process.

Commence your child’s journey into the captivating realm of musical theatre now. Enrol today and let them relish the benefits and thrill of our classes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize you might have several questions regarding our musical theatre classes. Below are answers to the most frequently posed inquiries:

Our musical theatre classes cater to children starting from age 4 and above. We have tailored programs for different age groups to ensure each child gets the most out of their class experience.

No, our classes are open to all skill levels. Whether your child is a beginner or has prior experience in acting, singing, or dancing, we have a class that fits their needs.

We believe in providing individual attention. Hence, our class sizes are limited, usually ranging between 10-15 students, allowing our instructors to focus on each child’s unique abilities.

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with vast experience in musical theatre. They are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to nurturing each child’s love for the performing arts.

In our musical theatre classes, students will learn a combination of acting, singing, and dancing. We emphasize building confidence, enhancing expressive skills, and fostering team collaboration through various performances and exercises.

Absolutely! We believe in giving our students real stage experience. Throughout the year, we have recitals and showcases where students can demonstrate what they’ve learned and gained in front of an audience.

Enrolling is simple. Just click the ‘Enrol Now’ button on our website and fill out the necessary details. Yes, we do offer trial classes for new students to experience our program before committing.

Step into Theatrical Magic

Unleash your child's potential with our musical theatre classes. Ignite their passion for performance, hone expressive skills, and nurture cognitive development in an uplifting setting. Start their theatre adventure today.