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Royal Academy of Dance Examinations

About the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

With over 13,000 members’ spread across 85 countries, The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world. The Academy’s patron is HM Queen Elizabeth II and our Vice Patron HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. RAD Membership supports the advancement of dance and includes professional dancers, students, teachers, benefactors and friends.

Established in 1920, to improve standards and re-invigorate dance training initially within the UK, the Academy helps and encourages its teachers to perfect their teaching skills and pass on this knowledge to their students.

There are currently over 1,000 students in full-time or part-time teacher training programmes with the Academy and each year, the examination syllabus is taught to more than a quarter of a million students worldwide.

The Academy maintains close links with all those involved in the industry, at every level. From the internationally recognised ‘Faculty of Education’ degree programmes to those younger students participating in our summer schools. At whatever age or stage, anyone with an appreciation of classical ballet and jazz is able to participate in the work of the Academy.

The Royal Academy of Dance has developed an examination syllabus to train ballet that encompasses the latest research in anatomy and child development to deliver a program that is fun, stimulating and challenging for students of all ages.

What are the RAD Levels?

Another important difference between the two organizations is that RAD places emphasis on performance from the earliest levels. Therefore, content is, where possible, performed as a small dance combination rather than just skill sets. The skill set is learned and then set in a combination so that students feel they are dancing rather than performing exercises.

The examination syllabi offered are:

  • Pre-school levels: “Dance to Your Own Tune”
  • Primary Levels: Pre-Primary (Prep) and Primary (years 1 to 2)
  • Graded Exams: Grades 1 to 5
  • Higher Grades: Grades 6 to 8 – are based on the Romantic period (these are usually done as an alternative to Vocational Exams)
  • Vocational Exams: Intermediate Foundation to Solo Seal 2
  • Discovering Repertoire: Classes work through a series of combinations culminating in the performance of variations from the great 19th century ballets

Professional Scene

RAD exams are more expensive, this is to reflect the level of continued professional development required to maintain international standards and we feel the positive benefits for both students and teachers negate the increased costs.

The RAD is an international organization that is renowned for the delivery of dance education for children, adolescents, and adults. It is also recognized as being at the forefront of teacher training. The Academy offers University courses and a diverse range of Professional Development courses for teachers to maintain best practices. Teachers are required to fulfill a prescribed number of Professional Development hours each year to maintain their registration. The Academy also provides opportunities for students to attend holiday workshops, awards days, official Academy performances and offers several scholarship awards each year.

The Panel of Examiners is extensive with over 185 Examiners who have undergone a rigorous selection process and training program. The Panel also undertake subsequent standardization activities every year to deliver a consistent level of service. The Academy has strict policies and procedures which include, but are not limited to, mechanisms to avoid conflicts of interest and protocols to assist students who have had an interrupted learning year or have faced tragedy/adversity within the year.

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